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Giving Your Children a Gecko: What You Need to Know

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Giving Your Children a Gecko: What You Need to Know

Geckos can make great pets for the whole family if you choose the right breed. With children come special considerations — both for the safety of the gecko and for the long-term enjoyment of your family. You want a pet that will be compatible with your personalities and your lifestyle.

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Breeder Chronicle:  Bad News Good News

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Breeder Chronicle: Bad News Good News

Gecko breeding always has its highs and lows but this month has had some big swings. I’ll start with the bad news.

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How to Become a “Gecko Expert”

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How to Become a “Gecko Expert”

The world of gecko-related information, mostly internet based, is one of questions and answers, arguments and opinions. As people become more familiar with this world, they come to realize that there are those who mostly ask questions and others who mostly answer them.

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Reptile Rescue

When we set out to start a reptile rescue, we discovered that there are many different aspects that go into it, far more than any of us had ever expected. We have always been engaged in rescuing and rehabilitating animals we had found, or had brought to us from a young age. These actions stemmed from helping any and all sick or mistreated animals we could find, and now to saving, caring for and re-homing exotic pets.

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