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    Three to Get Ready: Crested Gecko

    Rediscovered nearly 20 years ago, renamed about a year ago (genus designation changed from “Rhacodactylus” to the original 1866 designation of “Correlophus”), the Crested Gecko has surged in popularity in all its various colors –though most of them look kinda brown to me. One theme that runs throughout the accounts of the three gecko experts below is the attractive look and feel of these wonderful creatures. Enjoy!


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    “Natural” vs. “Man-made”: Facts and Myths about Morphs in the Leopard Gecko

    There constantly seems to be a lot of emotionally very heated discussions about the production of specific colour-morphs vs. wild-type geckos. In a few forums, the community has split into groups that value wild-type geckos above everything else, and have great trouble respecting colour-morph breeders as well as people who breed and enjoy both varieties. More

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    “Culling” Comments

    We did not get many responses to the “Pros and Controversies” article about culling. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear from those who favor culling for genetic reasons. Readers are welcome to continue the discussion by using the comment section at the end of the article. More

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    Field Herping in Australia

    Australia is a country like no other. Lush rainforest coasts and woodland mountain ranges transitioning to sandy deserts and tropical gorges have resulted in an evolutionary boom leading to an amazing diversity of lizards. A large proportion of the diversity, especially that unique to Australia, are the geckos. More