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    Three to Get Ready: Pachydactylus

    Pachydactylus, known commonly as “thick toed geckos” are small, arboreal geckos native to southern Africa, extending into eastern Africa. Many of them live in extreme habitats and, as you’ll read below, the genus includes a very wide range of body types and habits. More

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    Breeding Endangered Geckos

    : The issue of habitat destruction and threatened extinction of many gecko species looms large in the world these days. Matt Schaefer was good enough to respond to the Editor’s questions about his efforts to combat gecko extinction and his philosophy of how it should be done. More

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    2013: What are Your Editors Up To?

    It should be no surprise that the Gecko Time editors are more involved with geckos than just editing our publication. For the first time in 2 years –since Matt moved up to the Boston area from Georgia– we present to you the faces behind the blog, or, What We’re Up To In The Reptile (and Amphibian) World. More

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    Prose and Controversies: Individual or Group Housing?

    Housing is one of the most crucial basic issues to consider when keeping geckos. That’s why most of our Prose and Controversies installments to date have been about housing (Glass or Racks, Housing Multi-species Enclosures). This month we consider the question of whether geckos should be housed individually or in groups. More

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    The Gecko Keepers’ Guide to Using Craigslist

    Craigslist is an international “online community” that functions primarily as a “buy sell trade” classifieds list but also as a forum, source for dates, and employment listing, among other things.  More information about Craigslist can be found through their FAQ . I have used Craigslist successfully for a  variety of gecko related sales and purchases […] More