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Breeder Chronicles: Season taking Off

Since my last entry a lot happened. The breeding season is in full swing with Shiny laying two clutches so far and Dot, Slocum and KC all successfully mating with The Dude. The KC pairing will be awesome since both geckos are Sunglow het RAPTOR. Hopefully we’ll get some nice color.

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DIY: Useful Gecko Things You Can Make

Many useful items to the gecko habitat can not only be easily built by you and me, but it can be a fun money-saving experience.

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Vitamin A deficiency in Insectivorous Geckos

Vitamin A deficiencies, or hypovitaminosis A, is becoming a common sight in leopard gecko collections. One of the main problems is that the owners are not aware that the issue or issues they are seeing are directly related to hypovitaminosis A.

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