Can you put live plants in a leopard gecko tank?

When it comes time to decorate your gecko tank, you will have to make a decision: live plants or fake plants. Most people settle for fake plants. After all, they’re convenient, affordable, easy to clean, and often times they can look just as pretty as live plants. Most people don’t know though, that it’s 100% safe to use live plants in your leopard gecko habitat. In fact, live plants can really be a good choice if you choose safe plants that mimic your gecko’s natural environment in the best way possible.

What kind of live plants can you put in a gecko tank?

If you’re going to put live plants in your gecko tank you will want to choose something that is non toxic, relatively hardy, and also something that doesn’t require too much bright light. A leopard gecko enclosure in general is not a place where we mimic direct sunlight anyways so best to avoid real plants that require bright sunlight and UV light.

So what plants should you use? We like to use pothos, snake plants, air plants, and other similar plants that will grow well and not require too much attention from a human.

Do leopard geckos need live plants?

Leopard geckos do not need live plants and they probably don’t really mind all that much as they don’t even consume any plants. But one cannot argue with how glass tanks can really look like a natural habitat with live plants, especially the right type of plant. Live plants in the terrarium can also help keep humidity levels high. Artificial plants don’t help with humidity at all. Sphagnum moss is another great “natural” option that isn’t necessarily alive always but it does add a lot to a leopard gecko’s tank and makes a great choice for decor.

What plants are toxic to leopard geckos?

Firstly, you’ll want to avoid the known toxic plants that are already commonly available like a poinsettia. Avoid nightshades as a general rule. I personally recommend people stay away from junipers, succulents, and calla lilies also. It would be impossible to publish an exhaustive list of plants to avoid. It’s much better to stick to those plants grown for the pet industry and known to be safe.

What can I put in my leopard gecko’s tank?

There are so many options! You can even put both fake AND live plants in the same leopard gecko’s tank. He won’t mind. Some folks like to decorate with a natural habitat in mind and some people like to decorate with their own preferred motif. Whether or not you’re into the natural look, you can always add a couple live plants to spruce up your leopard gecko tank.

Should I spray my leopard gecko with water?

Yes it is a good idea to spray your gecko with water. We find this helps remind them to seek a drink if they’re thirsty. It also helps aid in shedding issues as it will create higher humidity levels. Lastly, most live plants definitely appreciate a nice spritzing with some fresh water so you can hit two birds with one stone on this one!

One thing to keep in mind with live plants is how you’re going to provide the best substrate for your gecko while still accommodating the plants. Bioactive enclosures are becoming more popular and much cheaper to set up but they still require additional attention from the gecko keeper. Check with your local pet store to see which they recommend as hardy plants for your leopard gecko terrarium.

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Written by Joshua Barraza

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