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    New Series: What Goes on in My House?!

    Entering the house of a dedicated gecko keeper can be a weird experience, especially if the gecko “collection” is integrated into the decor of the home.  For many “not your average living room” is an understatement. More

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    Gecko Care: When is Worry Too Much Worry?

    As an experienced gecko keeper and “gecko forum junkie” I respond to many posts from people who have just gotten their first gecko, or are planning to get their first gecko.  They understand that taking care of  a living creature is an important responsibility.  For the most part, they’re concerned about providing the proper care, about figuring out which of the conflicting instructions they see online and from pet stores is correct, and about interpreting their gecko’s behavior correctly.  This all makes sense: with any new undertaking there are concerns about “getting it right”.  The learning curve is steep and usually, with a bit of guidance, the “newbie” gets more comfortable and figures out what to do. More

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    Gecko Breeding Philosophy: What is a Morph?

    Gecko breeders spend a lot of time discussing various “morphs” of those gecko species for whom breeders have developed different patterns and colors. To the best of my knowledge, there is no formal, universally accepted definition of what exactly is a “morph”. More

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    Gecko Time 10th Anniversary!

    Gecko Time online magazine published its first articleon March 7, 2009. During the past 10 years, Gecko Time has been an important resource to the gecko community with the wide range of articles it has published. Articles have included interviews, DIY instructions, product reviews, species and genus profiles, genetics information as well as many other topics.
    Ten years is a long time, and is more than half a lifetime for some of our younger gecko keepers. More

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