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Welcome to a convivial room in the wintry “wilds” of Toronto Canada:  






I have an open concept ground floor.  The geckos and fish are in a row along the north side of the dining room area.



















Zoom out – 

This is also my home office — since lockdown, my kitchen table has been transformed into a work table as well. 

While I’m working, I can peek to the left or right of the monitor and see the LED lights and living plants in and on the naturalistic vivariums on either side and in the fish tank! (The aquarium is a 48 gallon Congo biotope. All of the fish in there are crepuscular and mostly sleep during the day.)


Zoom in – 

I have 6 crested geckoes — the big cage to the left houses three sisters (all hatched in early 2013 and so are 8 years old). The two 20-gallon aquariums on their sides are not technically vivariums but both have potted plants in them. They are each home to male cresties, half-brothers to the sisters, and the same age. The 18” cube to the right of the fish tank houses the father of all the other cresties, who is probably around 10 or 11 years old, though I don’t know for sure.


Here is Butter Biscuit (one of the males) asleep upside-down in his shell was taken when I was cleaning his cage (which is why the shell is on the fish tank). BB stayed asleep throughout the process.












Butter Biscuit also likes to run around outside his cage, so I let him loose for an hour or two several times a week. It’s pretty typical to see him peeking down from a part of the wall next to the ceiling. He likes to watch me cook or wash dishes from there. 





Here are two of the three sisters (Snood [tailless], Boson and Nebula) who live together in the largest tank.







Twiglet, demonstrating why I never find shed skin in the cage:

Last but not least is, Dude, the father of the rest of my crew. He is the king of sleeping in weird positions, and he definitely looks a little weird here,  reflected on the back wall of his cage as he sleeps.

Thanks for running this series! It’s fun to see everyone’s geckos and gecko habitats.

What do you think?

Written by Aliza

Aliza is a home care speech therapist living in the Boston area. She successfully bred a variety of gecko species between 2005 and 2017. She currently cares for a large number of geckos as well as a few frogs and bearded dragons. Other interests which she pursues in her copious free time include work in ceramics, practicing aikido and surfing the internet.

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