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    Is Your Gecko Ready for Breeding?

    In the northern hemisphere, gecko breeding season has been in full swing since the late winter. It’s still early enough in the season to begin breeding, and late enough to contemplate breeding for next season. It’s important that the geckos in question be in good condition for breeding. It’s also important for the hobbyist who is contemplating breeding their geckos to be sufficiently prepared. More

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    What to do when your pet gecko is shedding

    Seeing your precious pet shed its skin often makes the new gecko owner nervous, leading to many questions, such as, Why is my gecko shedding? Is he sick? Can I stop it? Should I stop it? Shedding of skin is a natural phenomenon in which old skin dries up and peels off and a new […] More

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    Top 5 Gecko Tik Toks

    Tik Tok is the latest and greatest in the social media game and Tik Tok users are not shy about how much they love animals. Below you’ll find our Top 5 gecko Tik Toks, in no particular order. Social media can have some serious drawbacks but whenever I need a pick-me-up it never hurts to […] More

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    Emergency Preparedness for your Geckos (and other reptiles)

    With climate change upon us it makes sense to be sure your emergency and disaster preparedness are up to par. Ideally we’d all be going through our emergency kits annually replacing batteries, and checking expiration dates, but there’s no shame in starting now. Today we’re going to assume you’ve got the basics for human emergency […] More

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    Providing Enrichment for your Gecko

    Enrichment, when it comes to pet reptiles, can mean many different things. There’s an entire spectrum of needs when it comes to reptile enrichment. Today we’re going to be reviewing some of the things you can do to provide an enriching environment for your gecko to live in. This is generally something you don’t need […] More

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    Frequently Asked Gecko Questions: Shared from

    Every forum has a section for newcomers, beginners, or “n00bs”. Usually these listings include threads with happy introductions, emergency health issues, and questions that seem to get repeated day after day, year after year. It’s important that we welcome new questions even when it’s difficult to find a way to respond in a patient, understanding […] More

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    Buying a Gecko from a *gasp* Pet Store?!

    Believe it or not, brick-and-mortar pet stores can be a reasonable place to find a quality pet gecko.
    Now hear me out because not all pet stores are created equally. There is a right way to run a pet store and there is a wrong way to run a pet store. We’re going to outline some of the things you can look out for when you would prefer to shop at a retail store. More

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