What are the best heat lamps for your leopard gecko?

Pet leopard geckos require some type of heat source. This can include a heat mat, ceramic bulb, incandescent bulbs, heating pads, and more. While heating mats and pads can be pretty straightforward, it can be quite a challenge to choose the best light or other heating elements for your gecko. For instance, a ceramic heat emitter may be a good solution for a setup that doesn’t require an additional light source. Red lights or blue lights can also be used as preferred. We do not recommend heat rocks.

Are heat lamps good for leopard geckos?

Heat lamps are good for leopard geckos so long as they are being used properly. They are ideally used in conjunction with a tank heater like a heating pad to create the necessary temperature gradient. If you’re trying to recreate a natural habitat, then a white light may be preferred for maximum visible light. So long as you are maintaining the ideal temperatures, your gecko will thrive.

How many watts should a heat lamp be for a leopard gecko?

Reptile lights and heating lamps can vary in wattage from 20W and up. The best way to obtain the ideal body temperature for your gecko is to use a digital thermometer to test your gecko’s hot spot. Move the heat source to reach the ideal temperature for your gecko. Even the best heat lamp will still need to be adjusted and tested to reach the appropriate temperature. You will not need to focus on the wattage as much as the location of the bulb relative to your gecko. Regardless of how many watts your lamp is, make sure you buy a fixture with a ceramic socket for safety concerns.

Do leopard geckos need a red heat lamp at night?

Leopard geckos do not need a red heat lamp at night. If your overnight temperatures are too low you might think about adding a heating lamp with a red or black bulb to keep the air temperature up at night.

Should I leave heat lamp on a night leopard gecko?

Yes it can be a good idea to leave a heat lamp on a night leopard gecko. Similarly you can leave a heating mat on for your nocturnal reptiles. They will appreciate the warm side of the tank, especially in cooler climates.

Are red heat lamps bad for leopard geckos?

No, red heat lamps are not bad for leopard geckos. If you have concerns about your gecko and the day-night cycle or how much natural light your gecko is exposed to as a nocturnal animal, then I recommend switching to a different heating source like a ceramic heater.

Do leopard geckos need a heat lamp 24/7?

Yes it is a good idea to leave your gecko’s heat lamp (or other heat source) on 24/7. The bright light of morning created by a daylight bulb will help your gecko feel more like his tank is like his natural environment. A proper day-night cycle will help him enjoy both night time and a cooler time of day.

It is always best to obtain UVB bulbs, UVB lighting, heat pats, and heat bulbs from reputable reptile suppliers. A normal bright white light bulb from a big box store will not be best suited for your reptiles. Whether buying red bulbs or blue bulbs, UV bulbs, or heat pads, make sure your equipment is designed to be used for pets. Many time these are the best type of light simply because they are designed with animal safety in mind.

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