for the gecko enthusiast in YOU!

for the gecko enthusiast in YOU!

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    How much should a leopard gecko eat?

    A leopard gecko is going to eat different amounts at different points in it’s life. This could be because it’s a baby leopard gecko and just had its first shed. Or it could be because adult leopard geckos go through eating cycles along with the seasons of the year. Adult geckos might eat live insects […] More

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    What is the proper way to care for leopard gecko eggs?

    At some point in your gecko-keeping career, you may find yourself with gravid (the reptile version of pregnant) female leopard geckos. What an exciting and potentially stressful position to be in! While a lot of keepers will deliberately breed their geckos, many keepers end up with baby leopard geckos without even trying to breed their […] More

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    My Gargoyle Gecko Mansion

    My Gargoyle Gecko Mansion I recently built my first bioactive enclosure. I first got the idea after visiting my local reptile shop which had a couple set up. I got more enthusiastic about doing my own after joining some bioactive groups online and seeing all the bioactives that others had made. Below I have detailed […] More

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    Can leopard geckos eat superworms?

    Yes, your fully-grown adult leopard gecko can eat superworms or kingworms (Zophobas morio) – whichever name you might use for them. Some geckos can be picky eaters once you make superworms a staple in their diet so we always recommend you start baby leopard geckos with varied diets high in nutritional value. Calcium powder or […] More

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    What fruits can a crested gecko eat?

    All gecko diets in captivity should be diverse and well-rounded as possible including but not limited to commercial diets, fresh fruits, live insects like dubia roaches, calcium supplement, multivitamins, and the occasional treat. Risk of metabolic bone disease can be all but eliminated if you are feeding a healthy varied diet like the one described […] More

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    Why won’t my leopard gecko eat?

    A leopard gecko can stop eating many different reasons. Sometimes it’s changes in the weather, reproduction cycles, food preferences, even new habitats can affect your gecko’s eating routine. A common issue for new leopard gecko keepers is bringing a gecko into a new home. A new habitat and enclosure can cause a gecko a fair […] More

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    How many crickets should a leopard gecko eat?

    The number of crickets your leopard gecko, or any other gecko, should eat can vary by time of year, age, species, reproductive cycle, and many other factors. When you first get your gecko it is a good idea to keep a log of what your gecko is eating. You can also use a food scale […] More

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    Does a gecko need a heat lamp?

    Finding the right temperature for your gecko and its tank can be a daunting task. Geckos do not produce their own body heat so one very important thing for geckos is to provide supplemental heat. This can take many forms, like a basking spot, a warm hide, or just a warm end of the tank. […] More

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