What Goes on in My House: Reptiles and Spiders Photo Essay

In a nicely furnished lounge somewhere in the UK, lurks a cherished reptile and invertebrate collection.
















This is a carrot:



This is Carrot:

My confidence in keeping exotic pets has grown as has my collection though it’s small compared to others. I had always wanted a reptile but felt overwhelmed by all the set up requirements and needs of the gecko. However after doing lots of reading and joining the gecko forum I felt that I could successfully keep a Leopard Gecko and got one in February 2020, a male, and named it Carrot. Carrot and I have become best buddies. Carrot lives in the lighter colored small vivarium above. 





One of our newest residents is Felix, a juvenile Horsefield Tortoisewho joined us in December 2020.  He lives in the large, darker vivarium above.






Then there are the tarantulas, who occupy the smaller vivs.

On top of Felix’s viv  lives Del toro who’s a male Lasiodora paraybana tarantula. 

Here is Del toro washing his cricket before eating it, a new behavior for him:

Carrot has his own pet tarantula as well.  Curly Jo the female Tliltocatl albopilosum lives above him.

Who knows what’s next for our reptile and invertebrate family?

What do you think?

Written by Andy Bunn

Andy is enthusiastic about animals of all kinds and reads about the natural world often and supports many wildlife organisations. After the untimely death of his cat Mr Croup, who was run over in 2014, he decided to keep indoor pets.
He has kept many species of Phasmid or stick insects over the years and even some Ghost Mantis. In the last year he has become more confident about keeping reptiles and has added a gecko and a tortoise to his collection.

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