What Goes on in My House: the Modular Method

Welcome to my gecko room! We have to make the most of our limited space, so modular housing is all the rage.

From master stacks…



…to baby racks














…to jungle apartments!

And with our insectivorous friends come the bugs.

Roaches and mealworms in production















It’s a biweekly activity to keep everyone cleaned and watered and, of course, fed.










[Ed. note: this is our last submitted photo essay.  We’d love to run more, so if you’d like your gecko room to appear on our “pages”, please submit your photos to [email protected]]

What do you think?

Written by Rachel Gratis

Rachel Gratis is an enthusiastic leopard gecko keeper. She studied biology in college, with a special interest in ecology and natural selection, and she now puts her background to use caring for her collection of pets and contributing to the leopard gecko community.  Her goal is to never stop learning about animals and the natural world. She currently works in Massachusetts as a software quality assurance engineer.

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