The Little Jungle in My House – Photo Essay

This is my computer corner.  I love having a little jungle in my house – and on my desk at work – a rest for my eyes from the computer, and a little chance to escape to another small world for a bit…
My Cuban false chameleon is my screensaver.  

This is my Cuban false chameleon – TBD (Tiny Badass Dragon), 
my crestie, TAD (Tiny Ancient Dinosaur)
and Bauer’s gecko, OhGee (Office Gecko)
Roach motel on the lower left
This is my gargoyle in the tank on the right, Hidey (which she does most of the time)
And underneath the keyboard, my garden snail, S. Cargo, and my 
leopard slug, Louie V. Slugger.
I find that I like making small terrariums, even if there’s nothing live in them!
This is my desk at work – OhGee (Office Gecko), my Bauer’s gecko, was there for a while, until they closed for a bit due to Covid.  Now he’s back at home.  But he was quite the conversation starter while he was there!  

I look forward to seeing more of how people enjoy their reptiles!
Eileen Lankow
East-central Wisconsin

What do you think?

Written by Eileen Lankow

Eileen has always loved animals and recalls wanting to play "pet store" instead of dolls when she was young.  She enjoys the "small jungle" in her computer corner at home, and says it's a relaxing hobby that keeps her sane in these crazy times.  She had larger outdoor animals in years past, but finds that as a "gracefully aging adult," the smaller indoor pets are a bit easier to take care of, and believes that scaly friends are just as interesting and fun as furry ones.  
Eileen lives with her husband, two rescue dogs, a barn cat, 4 lizards, a leopard slug, and a garden snail, on a 5-acre farmette in east-Central Wisconsin, where she will have pets "as long as I am able."  

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  1. Hi Eileen

    What a fantastic collection of vivariums and animals you have. I don’t think I could get much work done if I was surrounded by them!

    Its brilliant that you can take your Bauer’s gecko into work!

    I once took my phasmids into work to show my colleagues to mixed responses.

    I love those lizard toys! Where did you get them?

    I agree with you scaly is just as wonderful as furry.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

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