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    Un gecko rupicole rare : le Gecko Plat de Loveridge, Afroedura loveridgei

    Le genre Afroedura comprend quinze taxons (espèces et ssp.) valides à ce jour dont onze espèces (source : Zootaxa), mais étant donné la difficulté d’accès de certains sites et le manque de séquençage ADN de nombreux spécimens, il y a fort à parier que le nombre d’espèces augmentera dans les années à venir (Jon Boone, comm. pers.). Les caractéristiques communes du genre sont : un corps particulièrement aplati, adapté à la dissimulation dans les failles et crevasses rocheuses les plus étroites. More

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    A Rare Rock-dwelling Gecko: Afroedura

    The genus Afroedura includes fifteen taxa (species and subspecies.) To date, eleven species have been identified (source: Zootaxa ) , however, with increasing access to some of the more remote habitats and with the DNA sequencing of more of the specimens, it is likely that the number of identifiable species will increase in the near future (Jon Boone, pers. comm.). The genus is characterized by a very flat body, adapted for hiding in cracks and narrow rocky crevices. More

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    Breeding Silverfish as Feeders for Small Geckos

    Thermobia domestica, also known as “silverfish” or “firebrats” is the most commonly found species of silverfish on the insect supplier’s list. They belong to the order Thysanura, one of the most primitive orders of insects, with direct ancestors in Jurassic rock layers. Todays’s species does not differ much from those ancestors.