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    Taking On a New Unique, Rare and Exciting Species

    What generally sparks my interest in a new species of gecko is its outward appearance, its behaviors, or any other unique characteristics that it may possess. The species I will be writing about is Colopus kochi, and even though I have been working with them for a limited time what fascinates me about them is their ghostly appearance and the characteristic that their eggs go through a very long diapause period, and can take up to two years to incubate. More

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    Gecko Brumation: The Who? What? Where? When? And Why? Of Cooling Your Geckos

    So people ask me, and I see a lot of ‘talk’ on the forums about the exact nature and techniques that are required to properly cool an animal down for the winter. A lot of questions are asked and the most common are the obvious such as: “At what temperatures should I cool my geckos? And for how long”, “Should I feed them during this time?”, “Do juveniles or first year breeders need to be cooled?” or “Is it really necessary for me to cool my reptiles?”. More

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    Naultinus grayii: the Northland Green Gecko

    Naultinus geckos are a genus of gecko that I was always fascinated with but never thought that I would have the opportunity to work with. What made these secretive geckos so interesting to me was their beautiful colors and appearance, their diurnal and arboreal nature, and that they are live-bearing geckos that come from a completely different environment than most other geckos out there. More