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Going Green While Keeping Geckos

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Going Green While Keeping Geckos

If you were to ask any reptile hobbyist about their collection, it would probably be difficult to get them to stop talking. This hobby is full of passionate, caring people that truly love their animals and everything about them. With all the reptile shows across the country and the thousands of products that are available, it is undeniable that keeping reptiles is a fun and exciting hobby that continues to grow every day. With all these new keepers joining and breeders expanding their inventory, one might start to wonder what kind of impact this incredible hobby has on the environment. Though it may seem like herpetology has little effect on the planet, if people really start to think about some of the things they do every day to care for their scaly friends, they can see how quickly it all adds up and the toll it takes on the environment. If hobbyists make a few simple changes to be greener keepers, a great difference would be made for the entire world, while saving some money along the way.

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