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    Supplying Feeders to Alaska

    Having a feeder shop to meet the demands of the ever expanding reptile trade is not a cakewalk nor is it for those who like a lot of sleep. When we prepare to order our inventory, there is no one place to get: waxworms, hornworms, silkworms, calci-worms, phoenix worms, crickets in all sizes, or even live mice in all sizes as well as frozen ones. Just about every food item comes from a place that specializes in that food item alone. More

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    10 Feeder Breeders Compared

    Gecko keepers are always on the lookout for good deals on feeders to offer their prized pets. Today we have a comparison of 10 breeders that can all be found online. We have given the price for 1,000 crickets, 1,000 mealworms, and their shipping costs when available. I hope this resource will help save you all time when looking for where to buy your next feeders. More