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    Introducing “Raising Reptiles”

    Whenever you talk with someone who is truly passionate, truly thrilled about something, you can practically feel their excitement, which generally means that you are more interested in what they have to say. You get a sense of how important their subject is and how much they care about it. As reptile lovers, we enjoy a unique hobby that most others don’t understand yet. They just don’t know enough to appreciate how extraordinary these creatures are. More

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    Reptile Rescue

    When we set out to start a reptile rescue, we discovered that there are many different aspects that go into it, far more than any of us had ever expected. We have always been engaged in rescuing and rehabilitating animals we had found, or had brought to us from a young age. These actions stemmed from helping any and all sick or mistreated animals we could find, and now to saving, caring for and re-homing exotic pets. More