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Product Review: Managing Water and Humidity for Your Reptiles

Today I’m straying away from reviewing a single product and focusing on a group of products relating to water and humidity. In the past few years many new products have hit the market that are meant to keep humidity in your reptile terrariums at appropriate levels, and/or keep your reptiles well hydrated and in good health, but figuring out what is worth purchasing, or which product to choose can be a real pain.

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Product Review: Zoomed Wipeout Terrarium Cleaner and Deodorizer

If you have reptiles, you realize the importance of cleaning your cages to help keep your reptiles in good health. As herpers, we have all had to deal with the annoying scents that some terrariums pick up after some use, so disinfectant and odor removers are one of the necessary cleaning products in your reptile room.

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