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    Running a Reptile Rescue

    More and more often, I hear people saying that they want to start their own reptile rescue. While having additional reptile rescues would be absolutely amazing as the few that exist are struggling to meet increasing surrender requests, rescue is more than just taking in reptiles in need. Starting, and maintaining, a rescue requires extensive planning, paperwork, time, space, money, and lots and lots of patience.

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    Filling in the Gap: Gecko Rescue

    I’ve been involved with various animal rescue organizations since I was sixteen years old. I have helped cleaned cages and plenty of litter boxes, fostered (dogs, cats, and rats), and even took pictures for a shelter so they could list their available animals online. When my passion for reptiles started in the early spring of 2012 I quickly realized that the rescue resources available for “regular” pets such as cats and dogs were not available for the scaly creatures I loved. More