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    A Tale of Dangerous Lighting with P. grandis

    Some time ago a male and female Phelsuma grandis were brought to me as “rescues”.  The geckos were dropped off because they were not wanted anymore. P. grandis, commonly known as the Giant Day Gecko, are the most popular day geckos in the hobby. If anyone is planning to get their first day gecko everyone usually recommends the P. grandis. More

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    Interview with Leann & Gregg Christenson: Phelsuma

    Gecko Time is pleased to present an interview with Leann and Gregg Christenson of Leaping Lizards. They are keepers, breeders and tireless advocates for Day Geckos (Phelsuma).
    Authors of Day Geckos in Captivity, this couple has extensive experience with Day Geckos. This is a must read interview for anyone interested in day geckos.