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    Breeder Basics: Reptile Rack Systems

    Whether you are a hobbyist or breeder, there comes a time when you consider purchasing a reptile rack system to house the growing number of animals in your collection. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of three of the more popular reptile rack systems on the market. We will also touch on the option of building your own rack system to suit your individual needs and budget.


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    Beginner Breeder Basics: Comparing Incubation Mediums

    As reptile breeders, we spend a lot of time deciding what products to use in order to keep our breeding colony healthy. I’m sure we all want our females to produce healthy offspring, so we make sure they are well supplemented and at a healthy weight. This same concept carries over to how we go about deciding what medium to use for incubating the eggs. We all want to guarantee the best hatch rate for those eggs, right?! More