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    Beloved Gecko: The Amazing Bunnyman

    Many years ago, I purchased a Sunglow male leopard gecko from reptile breeder Garrick DeMeyer. I loved this gecko from the first time I saw his picture online, and knew I had to have him. When he arrived, I was ecstatic, as he was just as beautiful as in the picture. He was about 80g when he arrived, and was quite terrified to say the least. I named him Sunny, because of his brilliant yellow orange coloration.

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    The Leopard Gecko Advisor Answers Your Questions

    Introducing Ray Roehner, author of The Leopard Gecko Advisor and owner of Designer Geckos, the first commercial storefront in the world dedicated to leopard geckos!  Periodically he will be answering questions about leopard geckos that readers send in.  Here is his first installment:   My Leopard gecko hasn’t eaten in a month and I’m worried I always […] More