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    Leopard Gecko Morph Special: the New Bluebelly Pastel Gene

    Geckos with the new “pastel” single gene were officially released by Ron Tremper in 2014.

    The project started back in 2008 with a raptor baby which hatched out with a bright blue belly color through spontaneous genetic mutation . His pictures went across the globe and raised a huge interest in the global gecko community at that time. The bright blue belly-coloration faded after some weeks, but the animal and some of its relatives expressed a different pattern combined with a generally improved coloration of the animals. The project has been selectively bred and developed since 2009. More

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    “Natural” vs. “Man-made”: Facts and Myths about Morphs in the Leopard Gecko

    There constantly seems to be a lot of emotionally very heated discussions about the production of specific colour-morphs vs. wild-type geckos. In a few forums, the community has split into groups that value wild-type geckos above everything else, and have great trouble respecting colour-morph breeders as well as people who breed and enjoy both varieties. More

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    Leopard Gecko Morph Special: The Ghost

    The past years have lead to an increased interest in an old, but pretty rare and uncommon leopard gecko morph – the Ghost. Many myths and incorrect information about this morph abound on the internet. As one of the few breeders working with and improving them for years, this article will provide some of Dragoon Gecko’s findings. More

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    Selection of Breeders and Quality Management in Leopard Geckos

    Everybody wants to breed healthy and beautiful leopard geckos, right? So how come this topic is still such a big issue for newcomers, and also often a sticking point for hobbyist breeders?
    The following article will try to scratch the surface a bit in terms of what breeding management is about, and hopefully help you to get a better idea of how to reach your goals.


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    Facing Reality: What to Expect as a First-time Reptile Breeder

    Nowadays a huge number of reptile pet keepers eventually make the decision to produce offspring from their pets. Breeding your beloved reptiles and experiencing the miracle of new life can be one of the most beautiful hobbies in the world – no question about that.
    However, there is so much more to be considered when it comes to breeding than just putting males and females together and watching your pretty babies hatch. More