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    Gecko Pairs: Similar and Different

    Geckos come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Despite this variety, there are gecko species that seem to be very like each other, yet have evolved in different parts of the world. Novice keepers, noticing the physical similarities between these gecko pairs are often tempted to keep them in the same enclosure, which is usually a bad idea since geckos that have evolved in different parts of the world have different needs.


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    Sticking to the Outside of the Box: Four Oddball Gecko Species

    Geckos are the most varied group of lizard species on the planet. They inhabit every continent except Antarctica, eat a variety of foods from fruit flies to small birds, live in environments that range from desolate deserts to lush rainforests, and have even, in some species, capitalized on humans’ influence and moved into cities and suburbs around the world. More