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    Three to Get Ready: Strophurus

    Strophurus are a 16-species genus of gecko found in Australia, also known commonly as “tail squirters” or “spiny tailed” geckos.  They are a small gecko, usually about 3-5 inches long, whose character traits and relative ease of care, as you’ll see below, make it surprising that they are not kept by more hobbyists.  As usual, […] More

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    Keeping Uroplatus

    Uroplatus are a cool tropical gecko species found only in the northwest and eastern coast of Madagascar. There are currently fourteen species of Uroplatus with new species being found from time to time. Each species has its own husbandry requirements, so when researching be specific about the species you want to work with. More

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    Selection of Breeders and Quality Management in Leopard Geckos

    Everybody wants to breed healthy and beautiful leopard geckos, right? So how come this topic is still such a big issue for newcomers, and also often a sticking point for hobbyist breeders?
    The following article will try to scratch the surface a bit in terms of what breeding management is about, and hopefully help you to get a better idea of how to reach your goals.