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Three to Get Ready: Stenodactylus

Reptile enthusiasts who are interested in small geckos, will enjoy this installment of Three to Get Ready about the genus Stenodactylus, a tiny gecko originating in North Africa and the Middle East.

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Book Review: “A Guide to Australian Geckos & Pygopods in Captivity”

Having an ardent interest in Australian reptile species, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review this 352-page installment in a series of 7 books written by Dr. Danny Brown called “The Australian Reptile Keeper Series” by Reptile Publications. I paid particular attention to the species I keep, as well as some of the species I have been curious about.

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Breeding Silverfish as Feeders for Small Geckos

Thermobia domestica, also known as “silverfish” or “firebrats” is the most commonly found species of silverfish on the insect supplier’s list. They belong to the order Thysanura, one of the most primitive orders of insects, with direct ancestors in Jurassic rock layers. Todays’s species does not differ much from those ancestors.

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Prose and Controversies: Multi-Species Enclosures

This week Gecko Time introduces a new monthly interactive feature called “Prose and Controversies”. Here’s how it works: Each column will feature an issue that has been controversial for gecko keepers. We will attempt to briefly explore as many aspects of the controversy as possible. At the end of the article is a submission box where we encourage you to send us your thoughts and ideas about this topic.

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