August 2013

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    Three to Get Ready: Goniurosaurus

    Goniurosurus also known as “cave geckos” are a small, terrestrial gecko native to China, Japan and Vietnam. With their bright colors (which I think makes them look like psychedelic leopard geckos) and red eyes, they are striking to look at and tempting to own. More

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    Introducing “Raising Reptiles”

    Whenever you talk with someone who is truly passionate, truly thrilled about something, you can practically feel their excitement, which generally means that you are more interested in what they have to say. You get a sense of how important their subject is and how much they care about it. As reptile lovers, we enjoy a unique hobby that most others don’t understand yet. They just don’t know enough to appreciate how extraordinary these creatures are. More

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    A Tale of Two Comment Opportunities

    Periodically, Gecko Time offers the opportunity to people to respond to an article and have their thoughts published. We do this every other month, when we present a common reptile “controversy” and invite readers to submit comments that will be published the next month. We also occasionally ask readers to share photographs or ideas which we then publish as an article. More

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    Party Geckos!

    A few months ago, I found myself staring at a room full of reptiles to feed, cages to clean, and had to face the realization that I no longer had any interest in the bins full of scaly babies. Prep the meals, pull the tubs, open the tubs, pull paper, catch an escapee, replace in tub with a ‘stay’ warning, mist, place fresh food, close tubs, stack, reset. Where was I going with any of this?