June 2014

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    Replicating Native Gecko Habitats

    Living in Albuquerque, I noticed that the terrain looks similar to that of the leopard gecko’s natural environment in Afghanistan. I was already interested in trying out a bioactive substrate for my terrarium, but I thought I could do better. I did some research on the climate and terrain to set up a similar habitat for my pets. I chose to simulate the alluvial soil found in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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    Keeping Geckos in Extreme Climates

    Most of us are living in climates that are different than the native environments of many of the geckos we keep. When we set up our geckos in their homes we all face certain challenges particularly in providing the appropriate heat and humidity. In this article, Gecko Time looks at the even greater challenges facing keepers who live in extreme climates: very cold climates with dry heat that significantly reduces humidity, and very hot and humid climates. More

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    Three to Get Ready Epilogue: Teratoscincus

    As you probably know from a previous article, we discontinued the Three to Get Ready series due to the difficulty of finding enough keepers to write about the increasingly uncommon species and genera we were attempting to profile. At the time of this unfortunate discovery, we were unsucessfully trying to find contributors for an article about Teratoscincus. Recently, we unearthed two people willing to write about their experience with these “frog eyed geckos”. More

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    Reptiles: An Artistic Perspective

    The natural world has always been an unparalleled source of inspiration to me. It has become a driving force in my artwork and I find myself returning again and again to depicting natural subject matter. Growing up my family encouraged and embraced my love for nature and I constantly endeavored to learn as much as I could about the animals I encountered. To learn more about the animals I loved so much I attended dozens of conservation-oriented nature camps, visited natural history museums, and pored over as much information as I could get my hands on. More