March 2015

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    Eyelid Dysecdysis in Leopard Geckos

    I have never had a gecko as a pet. And that is an important fact in my suggestions for their care. My perspective is as if I am a space alien looking down on Earth from Mars and telling us we need to clean up our atmosphere. I do see hundreds of geckos each year with multiple kinds of veterinary problems. I have been treating geckoes for more than twenty-five years and my care suggestions spring from two generalized observations. More

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    Selling Popular Gecko Species

    In January, Gecko Time published an article titled “Selling Rare Geckos” where we asked breeders of geckos that few people keep in captivity about their success in selling the offspring. Surprisingly to us, the breeders who responded had no problems. This led us to wonder how breeders who produce and sell the more popular geckos species are faring. More

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    Biology of Breeding: Considerations for Maximizing Genetic Diversity of Breeding Groups

    When a person joins the hobby of reptile keeping and makes the decision to breed animals of any species, they silently make the acknowledgement that they are going to be playing god with the species they choose to reproduce. Not only accelerating evolution through artificial selection, but also picking and choosing which ecological and evolutionary forces, or lack thereof affect their breeding populations. More