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Beloved Gecko: Dekstest

One day, I went to an exotic reptile expo. There I saw a Crested Gecko. I had never seen one before, and didn’t even know they existed. I thought that the only geckos out there were Leopard Geckos. I was wrong, obviously. Well anyway, I held one and completely fell in love with the species.

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Beloved Gecko: The Amazing Bunnyman

Many years ago, I purchased a Sunglow male leopard gecko from reptile breeder Garrick DeMeyer. I loved this gecko from the first time I saw his picture online, and knew I had to have him. When he arrived, I was ecstatic, as he was just as beautiful as in the picture. He was about 80g when he arrived, and was quite terrified to say the least. I named him Sunny, because of his brilliant yellow orange coloration.

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Notes on Crested Gecko Genetics

The genetics of Crested Geckos (Correlophus ciliatus), in contrast to that of other popular reptile breeding subjects, such as leopard geckos or ball pythons, has not yet been well understood or documented. They appear to exhibit multiple allelism, having multiple phenotypes for the natural selection phenomenon to work on. This may be an advantage to the species as there are many different traits that can be expressed, which lends itself to having more chances of adaptation and survival through generations.

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