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There’s a Gecko in my Salad! Investigating Stowaway Geckos Entering Great Britain

Have you ever been so lucky as to buy a bag of grapes in the supermarket and get a free lizard with them? For most people, this an unlucky experience and a rare one. However, when it does occur it often makes headlines in the local media.

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Gecko Care: When is Worry Too Much Worry?

As an experienced gecko keeper and “gecko forum junkie” I respond to many posts from people who have just gotten their first gecko, or are planning to get their first gecko.  They understand that taking care of  a living creature is an important responsibility.  For the most part, they’re concerned about providing the proper care, about figuring out which of the conflicting instructions they see online and from pet stores is correct, and about interpreting their gecko’s behavior correctly.  This all makes sense: with any new undertaking there are concerns about “getting it right”.  The learning curve is steep and usually, with a bit of guidance, the “newbie” gets more comfortable and figures out what to do.

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