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    Breeding Lygodactylus williamsi

    As more and more people acquire Lygodactylus williamsi the desire to breed them naturally grows as well.

    In my previous article, Lygodactylus williamsi, I mentioned that the majority of Lygodactylus williamsi in captivity today are wild caught. Since they are wild caught you will first need to condition them before breeding should ever take place. More

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    Lygodactylus williamsi

    More and more hobbyists today are keeping or thinking of keeping Lygodactylus geckos in their home.

    Lygodactylus is a genus of geckos with 60 species and 34 sub-species. Lygodactylus rarely exceed 4 inches. Due to this they are commonly referred to as Dwarf Geckos or Dwarf Day Geckos based on their diurnal nature. More