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    A Tale of Two Comment Opportunities

    Periodically, Gecko Time offers the opportunity to people to respond to an article and have their thoughts published. We do this every other month, when we present a common reptile “controversy” and invite readers to submit comments that will be published the next month. We also occasionally ask readers to share photographs or ideas which we then publish as an article. More

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    What’s Up With the Gecko Time Editors?

    It’s generally accepted these days that collaboration is not limited by geography. With all the tools at our disposal, from the internet to skype, people can work together easily while living half a world apart. This is definitely true: Gecko Time has published regularly for two and a half years with seamless communication between its co-editors, one living in Massachusetts and one in Georgia. So how could things change with Matthew Kammerer, owner of the Gecko Time site, moving to Cambridge Massachusetts, just 5 minutes away from his co-editor, Aliza Arzt? Answer: for the better! More