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    The Chronicles of a New Gecko Breeder – Part 2

    Whether you are an experienced breeder, a novice breeder, a breeder “wanna-be” or a confirmed “pet only” gecko keeper, the experiences of Justin Hansen, newly returned to leopard gecko breeding, should be an interesting read. In the second installment of his New Breeder series, Justin continues to establish his gecko and feeder breeding colonies: More

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    “My Gecko Will Not Eat” Part 2

    In a previous article ( ) I described common situations, including illness, life cycle and stress, that result in geckos not eating and provided suggestions for how to deal with each case. This article addresses an even more frustrating situation: the gecko who doesn’t seem to belong to any of the categories above but continues to refuse to eat, sometimes for months. More

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    How to Breed Mealworms

    OK here it is people: the BIG book on mealworms. I made it myself with all my photos. This is everything you need to know! my name is Heather and I have been breeding feeders for a few years including waxworms, superworms, silkworms,crickets and more! Meal worms however seem to be the biggest breeding group I have 😀 More