February 2011

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    Readers’ Questions Answered: Breeding Basics

    It’s that time of year again for most geckos –breeding season. Each season brings geckos new to the breeding experience as well as keepers new to breeding them. This month’s Readers’ Questions Answered features some basic questions about aspects of the breeding process. Although the first question is specific to leopard geckos, the other question could apply to any gecko species. More

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    Gecko Brumation: The Who? What? Where? When? And Why? Of Cooling Your Geckos

    So people ask me, and I see a lot of ‘talk’ on the forums about the exact nature and techniques that are required to properly cool an animal down for the winter. A lot of questions are asked and the most common are the obvious such as: “At what temperatures should I cool my geckos? And for how long”, “Should I feed them during this time?”, “Do juveniles or first year breeders need to be cooled?” or “Is it really necessary for me to cool my reptiles?”. More

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    Bio-active Substrate

    For a few years now, we have been using bio-active soils in lizard and snake cages.

    The idea behind bio-active substrates is that you will have an entire eco system in your reptiles’ cage. The benefits from this are awesome. The natural good bacteria, microbes, isopods, substrate mites, and other insects that live in the soil, virtually act as a sanitation crew.

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    Which New Gecko Should I get?

    This question is heard often and usually for one of two reasons: either the questioner has just gotten hold of a new enclosure and wants something to put in it, or someone who has successfully kept a gecko for the first time wants to expand to a new, different or more challenging species. As usual, the internet can be a wonderful resource in the quest for a new gecko species to keep, but it is just that, a resource, not a mind reader. More