March 2011

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    What Hatches Out of My Incubator Results

    Our friends over at have donated two Reptipro incubators for two lucky Gecko Time readers.

    We asked our readers to send us a photo, drawing or written description of any type of gecko that you have hatched or hope to hatch from their incubator.  This can be an actual morph of a gecko or a rendering of your fantasy gecko (for example, a solid black leopard gecko with red eyes).  Photoshopped pictures are welcome, but please indicate whether this is an actual gecko or a photoshopped submission. More

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    5 Common Gecko Health Problems

    Even the most experienced and effective gecko keepers occasionally have geckos with health problems. This may occur with new acquisitions and also with animals they have had for a long time. There are a variety of heath problems that may affect our geckos, some of which may need to be diagnosed or treated by a vet. The problems discussed below are the most common health problems affecting geckos and are relatively easy to recognize. More

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    The Chronicles of a New Gecko Breeder

    I first started breeding Leopard Geckos in 2000 in my dorm room at NYU. I always had a fascination with reptiles and fish and wanted to pursue a degree in Biology in hopes of getting my PhD in herpetology. However, after realizing that life in college was hard enough and the PhD would cost me far more than I would ever really make, I settled into a degree and career in IT which came easier to me than Chemistry. My love for reptiles remained and to my roommate’s dismay, the rack in our closet got bigger.