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    Breaking: Lizard found on Mars

    We’ve been following news closely from NASA this morning about an unexpected discovery from the Mars Curiosity Rover. Before this morning only blurry pictures had been captured, so we hesitated to report any news. Now, we’ve seen the first clear picture. We can finally say it. We’re not alone. There is life in our universe. […] More

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    Gecko Time acquired by Geico

    We’re excited to announce that Geico has agreed to acquire the leading gecko publication, Gecko Time. After months of discussions between Geico executives and Gecko Time founders we’ve decided that it’s a perfect match. Over the next few months you can expect exciting articles from Gecko Time by Geico such as… Teaching Your Gecko To […] More

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    Saying Goodbye to Geckos

    It’s a fair statement to say that I have become more accustomed to routine the older I grow. A typical Saturday starts with driving [Stephanie](url) to work around 5 AM (Starbucks opening shift), coming home, and sleeping for a few more hours. I then climb out of bed, brew a cup of coffee, and catch up on all that’s wrong with the world via the news. Then the real fun starts. More

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    2012 Breeder Survey: Calling All Breeders

    Have you ever wondered what’s happened this year on a large scale with gecko breeding? Gecko Time would like to “paint the big  picture” of the 2012 breeding season.  In the survey below, we hope to collect information from as many breeders as possible about species bred, food, supplementation, general care and selling More

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    Rebuilding a Gecko Collection

    While in high school I kept geckos on a large scale. Keeping hundreds of geckos is taxing. Anyone who has kept pets knows there are good days and bad days. Near the end of high school I was getting burnt out. It was more of a chore and less of a pleasure to feed and clean every night. Selling the collection before college was a relief. More

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    What Hatches Out of My Incubator Results

    Our friends over at have donated two Reptipro incubators for two lucky Gecko Time readers.

    We asked our readers to send us a photo, drawing or written description of any type of gecko that you have hatched or hope to hatch from their incubator.  This can be an actual morph of a gecko or a rendering of your fantasy gecko (for example, a solid black leopard gecko with red eyes).  Photoshopped pictures are welcome, but please indicate whether this is an actual gecko or a photoshopped submission. More

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    True Life: Being a Teen Gecko Breeder

    Since I’ve been a little boy I’ve been fascinated by reptiles. When I was a kid I chased lizards, just like any other kid, but I took it a step further. Since that time I evolved into a gecko breeder keeping up to 150 geckos at a time ranging in price from $20 to $600. […] More

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