Rebuilding a Gecko Collection

While in high school I kept geckos on a large scale. Keeping hundreds of geckos is taxing. Anyone who has kept pets knows there are good days and bad days. Near the end of high school I was getting burnt out. It was more of a chore and less of a pleasure to feed and clean every night. Selling the collection before college was a relief.


When you’re bit by the gecko bug it doesn’t go away. While in college I started this blog to pursue my passion in geckos while I was unable to keep them. While brainstorming blog post ideas I also generated a list of five gecko species that I wanted to eventually keep.

College years

Crested Geckos
Crested Geckos I hatched while in college

I graduated college in May and have already amassed a collection of around 30 geckos. It was exciting getting packages from UPS and FedEx every Tuesday and Wednesday for a few weeks in a row. It was a bit easier now than it was in high school to spend money on a hobby. I had to be careful though; I knew I wanted to keep this hobby on a budget.

I have to admit, I couldn’t stay in college four years without geckos. My junior year I brought in a pair of crested geckos and actually bred and produced a few hatchlings in the dorm room. Cresteds truly are the perfect dorm room pet. I also acquired a pair of bold stripe leopard geckos from HISS at the end of my senior year. It got to be too many geckos towards the end.

Viper Gecko
Viper Geckos have always held a soft spot in my heart and are hard to find

Finding a new collection

I started searching for my new collection through Gecko Forums, Geckos Unlimited, and Fauna Classifieds by placing a wanted ad for the five species I was looking for. I asked for pairs, females, or juvies only. I had a few hits for certain species, others I had to search for. I made a habit of searching classifieds on a daily basis for interesting geckos. I don’t want to keep tokays, normal cresteds, or other common geckos. I want to keep geckos that make me say wow. That way I know I will be proud of offspring I produce.

Keeping an eye on the classifieds has landed a few sweet deals. I even followed up with a few folks who had sold geckos but had the buyers back out. My email to them put me first on the list to pick up some awesome animals.

D. galeatus
D. galeatus, a species I've always wanted to keep

Making a Move

Remi the dog
Remi, our dog, is my biggest gecko room helper

I’m now preparing to take my first job in Boston, MA. I will be moving from Atlanta, Georgia and taking my geckos with me. I bred a few geckos over the last few months and unfortunately will have to leave some eggs behind with friends.

I look forward to making it to Boston and being closer to my co-editor, Aliza. We’re already scheming breeding swaps, trips to reptile shows, and more. It’s going to be an exciting time!


What do you think?

Written by Matthew

I've been keeping odd pets since I was 14, keeping and breeding a variety of species from viper geckos to poison dart frogs. Now living in Georgia, working in online advertising.


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  1. Thank you Matthew for the info on where to start when looking for new geckos to add to a collection. I wish you success on your first job.

  2. Matthew,
    First congrats on your academic accomplishments.
    Second, that you for rekindling thoughts on my gecko beginnings. I didn’t have reptiles but tropical fish. However, building a collection, especially through great people in the hobby like Kelli, can be a thrill. Keep us updated on our projects.

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