We’re excited to announce that Geico has agreed to acquire the leading gecko publication, Gecko Time.

After months of discussions between Geico executives and Gecko Time founders we’ve decided that it’s a perfect match. Over the next few months you can expect exciting articles from Gecko Time by Geico such as…

Teaching Your Gecko To Talk

Why My Gecko Uses Four Legs Instead of Two

Training Your Gecko for Show Business

and of course…

How Geckos Can Save You 15% on Your Something or Another

Here’s the official quote from Gecko Time founder, Matthew Kammerer:

I’ve kept geckos for many years and my absolute favorite part is asking if I have Geico geckos. When I attend reptile shows they ask if my geckos also speak in a British accent. I typically burst out into laughter, pat the potential buyers on the back, and tell them how original that joke is. When people stop by to see my gecko collection I sometimes find a look of confusion on their faces. ‘Why haven’t you taught your geckos to stand upright like the commercials’, they ask. Finally, with this partnership, I will be able to make everyone’s dreams come true.


I hope you’re ready for a wild ride. By wild I mean 10 miles under the speed limit, with your seat belts on, observing every traffic law as we cruise along. We may stop for milkshakes. Or I may turn this car around.

Update: April Fools! I hope you enjoyed our fun.

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I've been keeping odd pets since I was 14, keeping and breeding a variety of species from viper geckos to poison dart frogs. Now living in Georgia, working in online advertising.

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