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    Eggs?! Help!

    Breeding season for most geckos is in full swing and gecko forums are full of anxious questions about eggs and incubation: Is my moldy/dented/shriveled/green and gooey egg OK? Why haven’t I gotten any fertile eggs yet? When will my gecko ovulate/lay her eggs? When will my eggs hatch? Face it, we’re much more broody about those eggs than the geckos.

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    The Chronicles of a New Gecko Breeder – Part 2

    Whether you are an experienced breeder, a novice breeder, a breeder “wanna-be” or a confirmed “pet only” gecko keeper, the experiences of Justin Hansen, newly returned to leopard gecko breeding, should be an interesting read. In the second installment of his New Breeder series, Justin continues to establish his gecko and feeder breeding colonies: More

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    Readers’ Non-Questions “Answered”

    Our April Readers’ Questions have been answered! Take a peak at the results.

    Question 1: I have been doing a lot of research about substrates and am having a hard time finding the correct one.  First I tried repti-carpet, but none of the colors went with my décor.  I tried switching to newspaper and  paper towel, but they both rip every time anyone walks through.  Then I read the article in Gecko Time about bio-active substrate.  I went to the woods with my dump truck, got the sand at Home Depot and made up a batch.  I installed it in the whole house, but we’re tracking it all over the place. What else can I do? More