October 2012

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    Reptiles for the Wounded

    As a disabled veteran of OIF/OEF (Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom) myself, assistance and support provided by organizations such as the Wounded Warriors Project (http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org) have been very important to me and to fellow veterans. I have wanted to combine the passion I have for serving our county with my passion for reptiles. More

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    The Making of Geckcessories

    Around the turn of the millenium I emerged from the fog of caring for young children (including a set of twins) and realized that once again I had the time and energy to pursue interests of my own. To my surprise, the two obsessions that have taken up my leisure time since then have been reptile breeding and ceramics. Who knew?


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    2012 Breeder Survey: Calling All Breeders

    Have you ever wondered what’s happened this year on a large scale with gecko breeding? Gecko Time would like to “paint the big  picture” of the 2012 breeding season.  In the survey below, we hope to collect information from as many breeders as possible about species bred, food, supplementation, general care and selling More