March 2013

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    Three to Get Ready: Sphaerodactylus

    It was touch and go as to whether I would find three experts to share their experiences with keeping the somewhat rare genus of tiny geckos, Sphaerodactylus. Imagine my surprise when I ended up with no less than five contributions from the United States, Canada and Europe. More

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    A Tale of Dangerous Lighting with P. grandis

    Some time ago a male and female Phelsuma grandis were brought to me as “rescues”.  The geckos were dropped off because they were not wanted anymore. P. grandis, commonly known as the Giant Day Gecko, are the most popular day geckos in the hobby. If anyone is planning to get their first day gecko everyone usually recommends the P. grandis. More

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    Prose and Controversies: Glass or Rack?

    There are two main ways that  geckos are housed: display tanks, usually made from glass or plastic, and racks — plastic tubs set in a shelf or drawer frame. Those who prefer to use racks give the following reasons: It permits large numbers of  geckos to be kept in a space-efficient, homogeneous manner. Most geckos are […] More

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    Gecko Hybridization

    I’ve been asked to write about a controversial topic in the reptile world-hybrids. I recently purchased a small group of third generation crested gecko x chahoua hybrids, which marks the beginning of my personal experience with gecko hybrids. I’ve kept reptiles for many years and have owned numerous hybrid snakes in that time. More