October 2013

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    Saying Goodbye to Geckos

    It’s a fair statement to say that I have become more accustomed to routine the older I grow. A typical Saturday starts with driving [Stephanie](url) to work around 5 AM (Starbucks opening shift), coming home, and sleeping for a few more hours. I then climb out of bed, brew a cup of coffee, and catch up on all that’s wrong with the world via the news. Then the real fun starts. More

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    Modular Storage for Geckos

    I’m pretty sure that anyone who has ever wanted to get into breeding leopard geckos has gone to websites like apcages.com, boaphileplastics.com, or cserpents.com and drooled over the beautiful rack systems they offer. Then when you see the price, your mouth instantly dries up and you’re left bummed out or making the world’s most expensive Christmas wish-list.