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    Reptile Forum Profile: GeckoTalk.com

    Reptile forums remain one of the most common and rewarding ways for people to learn about their geckos, talk about them, sell them and troubleshoot when there are problems. These forums range from large and active to species specific. Reptile forums are easy to create and sometimes seem to spring up like mushrooms. Only a relative few, though, are able to maintain interest and an active membership. More

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    L. williamsi: Learning from Failures

    It’s natural for gecko keepers, like anyone else, to publicize their successes and avoid discussion of their failures. Failures are frustrating and even somewhat embarrassing. Discussing them publicly also leaves one open to criticism. Despite having all these feelings, I’ve decided to write about my failure this past year to successfully breed Lygodactylus williamsi –electric blue day geckos.

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    Interview With Jabberwock Reptiles Owner Stephen Ayer

    Opportunities to purchase reptiles, feeders and supplies in person in a store are largely limited to big box chain pet stores and large, well-known, privately owned stores.  Globalization, the Internet and the economy have made any other option, such as the mom-and-pop reptile store, nearly an impossibility.  Despite these obstacles, Jabberwock Reptile Store owner Steve Ayer […] More