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What Goes on in My House?! Aliza Arzt

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many photo-essays about our geckos in our homes.  A photo essay is designed to be heavy on pictures and light on words, so without further ado:

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New Series: What Goes on in My House?!

Entering the house of a dedicated gecko keeper can be a weird experience, especially if the gecko “collection” is integrated into the decor of the home.  For many “not your average living room” is an understatement.

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There’s a Gecko in my Salad! Investigating Stowaway Geckos Entering Great Britain

Have you ever been so lucky as to buy a bag of grapes in the supermarket and get a free lizard with them? For most people, this an unlucky experience and a rare one. However, when it does occur it often makes headlines in the local media.

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Gecko Care: When is Worry Too Much Worry?

As an experienced gecko keeper and “gecko forum junkie” I respond to many posts from people who have just gotten their first gecko, or are planning to get their first gecko.  They understand that taking care of  a living creature is an important responsibility.  For the most part, they’re concerned about providing the proper care, about figuring out which of the conflicting instructions they see online and from pet stores is correct, and about interpreting their gecko’s behavior correctly.  This all makes sense: with any new undertaking there are concerns about “getting it right”.  The learning curve is steep and usually, with a bit of guidance, the “newbie” gets more comfortable and figures out what to do.

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New Personnel at Gecko Time: Introducing Joshua Barraza

Gecko Time has been publishing for nearly 11 years now, and though the article frequency has waxed and waned, we’ve been consistent in bringing you high quality articles, from a wide variety of people about a wide variety of gecko related subjects. 

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Caring for Elderly or Terminally Ill Geckos: A Personal Reflection

Ideally we’ll own all of our geckos for many years. They’ll live comfortable, happy lives, and one day, perhaps at the advanced age of 20 or more, they just won’t wake up. We’ll miss them, but we’ll be satisfied that they had a long and happy life. Of course, it doesn’t usually work out this way.

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Veterinary Medicine During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Working in the veterinary field, whether you are a veterinarian, veterinary technician, receptionist etc, is a hard and stressful job. There is a great deal that goes on behind the scenes that clients never know about or see. Adding a worldwide viral pandemic that is killing many people only makes that job even harder and more stressful. We are expected to be at work every day due to being considered essential employees and we, as veterinarians, took an oath to be there for our patients, so we are.

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Gecko Breeding Philosophy: What is a Morph?

Gecko breeders spend a lot of time discussing various “morphs” of those gecko species for whom breeders have developed different patterns and colors. To the best of my knowledge, there is no formal, universally accepted definition of what exactly is a “morph”.

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Living with Crypto: 3 Year Update

The unprecedented changes in our lifestyles and daily rhythms due to COVID-19 cause me to reflect on my own 3-year experience living with contagion, infection and death –Cryptosporidiosis.

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Microgecko persicus euphorbiacola Adventure

If a person is a naturalist and a fan of keeping pets, it happens that periods of enthusiasm for different groups of animals replace each other throughout life as waves. A few years ago I read the article “Keeping Microgecko persicus euphorbiacola” by Philip Patton on this site. After that, owning these wonderful animals became my dream (not the only terrarium dream, but one of the main ones).

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