November 2009

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    Sela: A Story of a Special Needs Gecko

    There is debate within the reptile community about how to proceed when a gecko is born with defects that make life possible, if not “normal”. Some breeders prefer to cull these hatchlings in the interest of reducing the chances that a genetic anomaly will be passed on. Others feel that any creature which can live without pain should be cared for . This is the story of a “special” gecko who seems to have enriched the lives of those around her.


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    Small Breeder Interview: Daidra from Leopard Gecko Lair

    I got a chance to ask Daidra from Leopard Gecko Lair a few questions about what she does with her breeding projects and what some plans are for Leopard Gecko Lair. Daidra has been breeding leopard geckos for 3 years. Her basic Mission is to make healthy and vibrant leopard geckos for everyone to enjoy, whether they are breeders or just want to add to their collection of pets. Here is what Daidra had to say. More