March 2010

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    The Global Gecko Association: Then and Now

    The Global Gecko Association (GGA) is an educational 501-c3 non-profit organization solely dedicated to the gecko enthusiast, from amateur to professional. It accomplishes its educational goals using its publications, Gekko, a scholarly journal, Chit-Chat, a less formal periodical, and a large website featuring over 1,000 gecko photographs as well as a wealth of gecko information. More

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    Small Breeder Interview: Thad, Dylan and Derek of Ohio Gecko

    Ohio Gecko is a family business run by Thad Unkefer and his two sons Dylan, age 13, and Derek, age 11. Ohio Gecko started in 2006 when Dylan was given a Murphy Patternless and then Thad bought a couple of Mack Snow Hypo leopard geckos from JMG Reptiles. Everything snowballed for them, and their goal is to produce quality geckos while giving the boys good real life business experience. More

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    The All New Gecko Time

    It is hard to believe that Gecko Time turned 1 year old on March 7th. That’s when it all started. I have started many reptile websites but Gecko Time by far has been the most fun and I’d like to to think the best return for the community as well. More