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Reptiles Magazine is a monthly publication available at newsstands and by subscription. I have to admit that I get a little excited when I see the new issue in my mailbox. I read every issue cover to cover and keep them all to reference when needed.

Articles and Departments

Every issue has one main article about a specific animal. The article contains information about the animal, keeping it, breeding it, many pictures, and a tear-out poster. The April 2010 issue’s main article is about the Amazon Tree Boas written by Rico Walder. Each issue also has Vet Q&A’s, Who’s Who in Reptiles, Breeder’s Choice, Herp Happenings, Herp Queries, Mailbag, and more. There is even a section for children called Herpkidz with games and prizes. The Herp Happenings is a list of reptile shows in the US. One feature I love in Reptiles is the field herping article. Each issue has a new area with information about the reptiles found there and photos. Some areas covered are in the United States, but many times the areas are in other countries. April’s issue is about herping in Sri Lanka. Who’s Who in Reptiles introduces you to some amazing breeders. The article usually talks about how the breeder got started with reptiles and they explain some of their biggest accomplishments. It’s a great way to learn about some of the biggest and best reptile breeders.

Prizes and Contests

Reptiles Magazine gives out quite a few monthly prizes. The Mail Bag section includes a Home Sweet Habitat in every issue. A reader sends in a picture of their herp home. If they are selected, the picture gets published and they win a prize. Reader Shotz also receives a prize for each picture published. Right now, the current contest is a Tattoo contest. Winners will win cash prizes for the best herp tattoos. Reader Rewards asks a question. The answer is featured somewhere in the current issue. Readers e-mail the answer written exactly as it appears in the magazine, where it is found, and their contact information. This month’s reader reward is a medium Reptibreeze Terrarium from Zoo Med. Three readers with the correct answer will win one.

Magazine Features

Herp Queries allows readers to send in questions to be answered by Bill Love. Two to three questions are usually published in each issue. Herper’s Most Wanted features one specific breed of reptile. Since it is a small article, it usually just contains basic information about the species such as life span, size, captive housing info, and diet. Breeder’s Choice gives herp breeders a chance to show off an animal they are breeding.

The back section of each issue is for advertising and classifieds. I do find this as a good starting off point for research, but I don’t suggest that readers trust it 100%. Always check out a business or breeder on the Board of Inquiry on before you buy. Anyone can purchase ad space for the magazine. There is also a buyer’s guide for products featuring a different category each month. April’s issue focuses on herp lighting.

The final page in each issue of Reptiles Magazine is Living With Reptiles. A Reptiles reader submits a story about their lives with reptiles. If the story is selected, the reader wins a prize and the story appears in the magazine.

Reptiles is a valuable resource for anyone interested in herps. There are so many things to learn no matter what species you keep.

Reptiles Magazine and the Gecko Keeper

As a gecko breeder, I find a lot of valuable information in Reptiles Magazine.  Breeding articles are great because basic genetics is always good to learn about.  They often have articles on feeders and supplements.  I also find it helpful to read articles from other reptile keepers and see what kind of advice they offer.  Even if you have a lot of reptile knowledge, the magazine can still be informative.  Husbandry information changes and there are always new morphs coming out.  Reptiles has also been keeping its readers informed about the proposed laws banning pythons and boas.  I personally love to learn everything I can about all reptiles and I think most gecko lovers do, too.  The only bad thing for me is that I find new species every month that I want to own.

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Written by Kristi Housman

Kristi Housman owns Ghoulish Geckos. She has just started her third season of breeding leopard geckos. She keeps other species as well, but doesn’t breed them.


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  1. I think this artical on geckos was very well written,and gave me alot of good information and alot to think about.I may just get myself one! Thank-you,Kristi for all the info.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I would say realistically that producing a quality article once a week is about as often as we can update.

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