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    How to Breed Mealworms

    OK here it is people: the BIG book on mealworms. I made it myself with all my photos. This is everything you need to know! my name is Heather and I have been breeding feeders for a few years including waxworms, superworms, silkworms,crickets and more! Meal worms however seem to be the biggest breeding group I have 😀 More

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    Squamata Concepts’ S.I.M. Container Evolution

    The S.I.M incubation container started out as being a homemade “no substrate” container. John Adragna and I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for well over 20 years and incubated eggs like most have over the years. Although the traditional methods of incubation have always served us well in the past, we wanted a better, more reliable method of incubation, one that would be quick and easy to set up without worrying too much about measuring water to substrate ratios, and that would yield equal to, or better results. More

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    Beginner Breeder Basics: Comparing Incubation Mediums

    As reptile breeders, we spend a lot of time deciding what products to use in order to keep our breeding colony healthy. I’m sure we all want our females to produce healthy offspring, so we make sure they are well supplemented and at a healthy weight. This same concept carries over to how we go about deciding what medium to use for incubating the eggs. We all want to guarantee the best hatch rate for those eggs, right?! More